Smartphone 3D Screen Amplifier and Device Holder

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These Smartphone 3D Screen Amplifiers are easy to pack, and they will support your mobile device by acting as a non-slip phone holder that magnifies your phone screen by 2.5 times. Use this mobile accessory to avoid visual fatigue by viewing your...

9 inch Black
9 inch White
12 inch Curved
8 inch with holder

Product Details

These Smartphone 3D Screen Amplifiers are easy to pack, and they will support your mobile device by acting as a non-slip phone holder that magnifies your phone screen by 2.5 times. Use this mobile accessory to avoid visual fatigue by viewing your content through a special HD zoom plexiglass or acrylic lens. These holders are TSA friendly, suitable for any smartphone type, and they are offered in various colors and styles. 

    This Mobile Screen Amplifier is a newly developed curved screen mobile phone amplifier. It adopts a new curved arc frame design plus a 12-inch high-definition acrylic lens. This amplifier has a high-definition screw mirror and a clear magnifying screen. It is radiation resistant and relieves visual fatigue. It offers an anti-slip slot that can effectively prevent the mobile phone from slipping, keeping it upright. 



    Features & Benefits:

    • Curved Screen Magnifier: 3D curved screen amplifier, magnifies your smartphone screen display 2-4 times, perfect for watching movies and gaming, which will reduce the discomfort and visual fatigue caused by long-term focus on the small screen.
    • 3D enjoyment & Radiation Protection: Take HD to zoom optical technology, ABS + 3D curve screen, Let can have your 3D visual enjoyment. The curved screen makes the phone display bigger, makes people's watch more comfortable than the traditional flat lenses. Effectively prevent the radiation generated by the mobile phone from harming the human eyes.
    • Hand-Free And Portable Design: This Screen Magnifier Uses a Folding design, lightweight and compact, convenient carrying, Suitable for indoor, office, desktop, travel, journey. Free your hands when using this cell phone screen magnifier to watch films and videos.
    • Compatible With Your Device: This mobile phone screen enlarger adopt HD zoom optical technology, no battery needed, it is perfect for any smartphone, such as iPhones 12 Pro max /12/11 pro max/11/ X / 8/8 Plus/ 7/7Plus /6/6s, Samsung Galaxy S9 Note 6/5/4/3/S6Edge and all other android phones.
    • Gift For Family And Friends: Simple and stylish design, help protect eyes from rather a close viewing distance makes and radiation, this product is a good choice of holiday gifts for your family or friends. It also can be used as a traditional full-page magnifier to read books or newspapers, a good gift for old people.


    • Material: Plexiglass + Fiberboard
    • Screen Size: 8 inches
    • Magnification: 2-2.5 times
    • Viewing Distance: Best 1-1.5m / 3.29 - 4.93ft 
    • Product Size: 190 x 135 x 10mm / 7.49 x 5.32 x 0.4" (after folding)  

    9-Inch Screen Holder Specifications:

    • Material: Plexiglass + Fiberboard
    • Zoom: 2-2.5 Times
    • Viewing Distance: 1-15m / 3.28 - 4.21ft  (Recommended)
    • Product Features: HD Zoom, Phone Holder
    • Screen Size: 9 inch
    • Product Size: 190  x 145 x 10 mm / 7.48 x 5.71 x 0.39"
    • Compatible: Suitable for all kinds of smartphones
    • Color: White, Black

    Thank you and enjoy!

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