Mini Electric Hand Fruit Blender

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The pursuit of health starts with this cup, freshly squeezed vegetable juices and homemade low-fat milkshakes.

Breaking the shackles of the wires in the past, one more possibility of free, when and where you are fresh support. No need to connect to the power source, just one press, you can get a cup of sweet and sour juice.

The blade adopts a wave-shaped serrated knife design. It has multiple cutting edges with sharp blades. It is matched with a rotation speed of 21,000 times/min. The stirring is thorough, the juice is clean and neat, even ice cubes can be easily broken, and the entrance is delicate and silky.

The juice in the cup rolls evenly, every inch is fully stirred, and the juice and water blend well, so it will not be layered for a long time, So that you can enjoy the silky beauty with every bite.


- Press for 3 times to open the system. When taking out, there is no need to worry that it will be accidentally opened by hard objects
- Portable design. Easy to carry
- Wireless juicing. No wire restrictions, easy to carry around
- Built-in 1500mAh lithium-ion battery. After charging once, more than 6 cups of juice can be made continuously


Material: PCTG (baby bottle material), 304 stainless steel, PP
Voltage: 220V
Power: 140W
Capacity: 400ml
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Charging time: about 3 hours


This product is fragile, please store it carefully.
Please keep the product out of reach of children.
Do not touch the blade to avoid accidental injury.


1. Red light flashes:
Reason one: the battery is not enough. Please use it after charging.
Reason two: the blade protection device is activated. Please wait for 5 minutes before restarting.
2. Restart method: press 3 times to open the key continuously in one second.
3. Charging for Android universal data cable.


1. Cut the ingredients into small cups and pour the right amount of water or milk.
2. Tighten the cup (tip blue light) and then reverse it.
3. Press the switch for 3 times to turn it on.
4. Tilt 60 degree when juicing and shake the machine from side to side

Deerma Wireless portable juicer, No wire restrictions, easy to carry around

Wireless JuIcing, Delicate taste, Food grade materials,3-hour fast charging


Product weight:0.6000 kg
Product size:7.50 x 7.50 x 23.30 cm / 2.95 x 2.95 x 9.17 inches
Package weight:0.8000 kg
Package size:10.00 x 9.60 x 30.00 cm / 3.94 x 3.78 x 11.81 inches
Package Contents:1 x Juicer, 1 x Cup Cover, 1 x USB Cable

1 - Mini Electric Hand Fruit Blender


Material: ABS, Electronic Components
Input Current: 1A
Capacity: 330ml
Input Voltage: 5V
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh (Included)
Features: Portable, Rechargeable, Easy to Clean
Size: 185mm x 85mm x 85mm/7.28" x 7.28" x 3.34" (Approx.)



1 - USB Portable Juice Blender

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