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When you travel, Relaxing Eye Mask highly probable that you’ll see someone wearing an eye mask in order to sleep. The question is, do you have your own mask for the sleep you really need? If not, this Bluetooth eye...

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When you travel, Relaxing Eye Mask highly probable that you’ll see someone wearing an eye mask in order to sleep. The question is, do you have your own mask for the sleep you really need? If not, this Bluetooth eye mask is the answer. It’s a flexible piece of cloth that will help you relax, sleep, and totally recharge.


This Bluetooth Eye Mask can help you drift into your own relaxing state of mind by listening to soft sounds or any music or audio of your choice. Or, simply go silent and allow the mask to block any bright light or unwanted noise. Either way, this breathable eye mask can help to shape your sleeping experience.

The best part of this Sleep Eye Mask is you can pair it via Bluetooth to your mobile device, a smartwatch, an audiobook, a laptop, or a myriad of devices allowing the sound capability.

Features & Benefits:

    • Latest Bluetooth Stereo Sound: Using the latest Bluetooth technology which can produce great sound quality and it can pair with a variety of smartphone models
    • Skin-friendly material: The Bluetooth sleep eye mask is made of skin-friendly materials, the eye mask outside material is made of cotton and velvet feel, the inside material is cool and breathable, not make your eyes feel stuffy
    • Completely shading: Ergonomic design will not press your eyes and the inner padded nose design for the face mask can effectively block the external light. A blackout sleep mask can let you enjoy a sleep atmosphere in total darkness
    • Long-lasting battery use: Rechargeable, it takes about 2 hours charging and it can provide about 10 hours of playback. Don't worry about it will running out of battery will affect your sleep, you can enjoy the music all night as long as you sleep
    • Adjustable and washable: Elastic headband and adjustable Velcro, easily fit most of the head circle. The face mask headset is detachable, just take the earphone out and wash your sleep mask.  Also a great gift for your families and lover


    • Type: Bluetooth Eye Mask
    • Work Mode: Eye Cover
    • Material: Cotton, Polyester
    • Pressure Range: 4-20 cmH2O
    • Usage: Sleep, Snoring, Sleep Aid
    • Function: Bluetooth, Music Listening, Calling, Eye Mask
    • Charging Time: 2-2.5 Hours 
    • Bluetooth Working Time: More Than 8 Hours
    • Battery Capacity: 200mAH


    • Please charge the eye mask before the first use.
    • Please remove the shading layer away from the Bluetooth module when cleaning. Do not apply water to the mask when the Bluetooth module is inserted. Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap and water after the Bluetooth module is removed.

    Other Notes:

    • With the Bluetooth headset function, there is a long playtime of about 8 hours.
    • The mask has comfortable fabric and an adjustable elastic headband, suitable for different head circumference sizes.
    • The shading effect can be cleaned.
    • The mask will provide high-quality stereo sound, compatible with Apple and Android products.
    • The mask is soft to wear and easy to carry and pack.
    • The mask has a double zipper design, making it convenient to install/remove the Bluetooth module.

    Package List:

    • 1 Bluetooth Eye Mask
    • 1 USB Cable
    • 1 Instruction Manual
    • 1 Storage Pouch
    Thank you and enjoy!

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